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Voices of a Subcontinent grappling with Climate Change

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Indian Youth Summit on Climate Change: Day 2

This morning, the events at the second day of the India Youth Summit on Climate Change began by a presentation by Bittu Sehgal, founder of Sanctuary Magazine, renowned author, and environmentalist, spoke about the importance of the Summit and the IYCN in India. “Young people have power,” he said, “and it is time to use it to your advantage.” One of his major messages was that we all need to take action in our own lives, actions small and large, to make a difference. He said, “If a lot do a little, a lot gets done.”
He also discussed climate equity, the sense that those who are most responsible for the emissions leading to climate change are not the ones who will be feeling the most of the impacts of the changes. He said that climate equity is not only true between nations but within the nation itself. However, he encouraged that we get past the debate on climate equity to the discussion of unified action. He said, “If your house is on fire, you cant go downstairs and have a debate on who started the fire and who is responsible to put it out. You need to get some water and put it out.” While the West may not be taking action fast enough to mitigate climate impacts, this is not a reason for India to be hesitating on climate action, as well.

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Indian Youth Summit on Climate: Day 1

Today in Hyderabad was a momentous occasion, as the city is hosting the nation’s first youth summit on climate change, organized by the Indian Youth Climate Network and its partners, hosted by Infosys in Gachibowli. The Indian Youth Summit on Climate Change is bringing together more than 150 youth from across the nation, representing more than fifteen states of India, to discuss climate change and identify a common youth vision for climate action on mitigation and adaptation.

Today’s inaugural session of the Indian Youth Summit on Climate Change began with a presentation by Mr. Nitin Desai, former Under Secretary General of the United Nations, who spoke about the importance of youth coming together to discuss and address climate change. He emphasized that there was a complete scientific consensus on the issue of climate change being caused by human activities, and that we all needed to unite to address the issue.

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