What's with the Climate?

Voices of a Subcontinent grappling with Climate Change

Contributors, here’s what you should do

This is how you can get involved by posting on “What’s With The Climate?” On behalf of the entire IYCN team, we highly encourage you to submit!

First steps first, sign up for a WordPress.com account. The process shouldn’t be too hard to follow.

Now, are you ready to post your first piece? (Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the steps)

Ok, so we can all get nervous the first time. You have probably signed up for a WordPress account and been added to the What’s with the Climate? roster of contributors…now what?

It is time to write your first post! I mean you aren’t really a contributor till you have contributing something…right? It is a very easy process, just follow some simple steps.

New Contributors – Contributors are generally new to What’s with the Climate? or are occasional writers. What’s with the Climate? Content Management System and the basic requirements for WWTC posts sometimes take sometime for new contributors to get used to. So all new writers, with certain exceptions, are generally added to the user list as Contributors rather than Authors, until they are proven comfortable with the interface.

A Few Steps to How to Post!

  1. Think! What do you want to write about? What recent news are you super passionate about, and what would you like to change in the world?  If you have trouble, ask your editor for ideas!
  2. Pick something and write about it. Outlines are always helpful.
  3. Make sure it meets the quality standards – Posts to What’s With The Climate? should follow certain basic standards of writing quality, to represent the community properly to the diverse audience of readers. Students, professors, and journalists all are regular readers of WWTC and nothing undermines the standing of the youth community than basic misspellings, grammatical mistakes, or sloppy formatting.  Journalists love to present young activists as impassioned but mistaken or foolish and we should avoid that at all costs.  While most of our audience are youth climate activists and informal writing is great, we should avoid misspelled words, improper grammar, uncategorized posts, and mis-formatted images and paragraphs.  WWTC doesn’t have a policy on profanity, as long as racial, homophobic, or bigoted epithets aren’t used (this includes stereotyping/targeting of any specific castes or religions).  Posts should not display nudity, but a link to a nude image, with it fully labeled as such, if topical, can be acceptable.  All Contributor posts will be reviewed by an editor or staff member before it is published onto What’s with the Climate?.
  4. Don’t let the quality standards daunt you. Get writing!
  5. Add a picture or a video from YouTube. You are a full-fledged media studio!
  6. Spell check it – The test of a post should follow a few basic formatting and content guidelines. Text should be unaltered in font or size from WordPress defaults. Highlighting, bolding, and italics are acceptable. Posts should be in paragraph format with standard spacing. Long posts should have a <!–more–> tag inserted after the first or second paragraph so as not to monopolize the front page. Quotes should be in a block quote format.  Also, when an image is inserted, it should be floated right or left, so that text is aligned next to it. Contact your editor for technical assistance, if necessary.  All posts should be categorized, please try to use existing categories to make organization easier.
  7. Tag it! – Use tags to describe what the post is about (some good examples: climate change, policy, Coca Cola)
  8. Preview it!
  9. Submit it for Review! (If you want to be extra nice, email your editor and tell them to edit it and publish it)
  10. Your Editor puts it up! Your mummy will be very proud.
  11. Now you’re published! Wasn’t that easy?

Note: Contributors are usually promoted to Authors, who are able to publish posts independently, after having submitted a number of posts that demonstrate a familiarity with the WordPress interface and the contributor guidelines.

Time to think about the next thing you want to write about! Thanks for contributing!



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