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Emphasis on “wetlands, mud-flats, and grassland” in COP 12 CBD Text

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by Neha Sinha*

The following intervention was made on agenda item number 26 Section 3 (c) of draft decision text in Working group II dealing with Ecosystem Conservation and Restoration.

Madam Chair, thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to share our position for Agenda item 26. We are speaking on behalf of the Bombay Natural History Society. We welcome the draft decision on Ecosystem Conservation and Restoration.

Neha Sinha, Board Member of IYCN

Neha Sinha, Board Member of IYCN

We support Belarus’ view for restoring damaged ecosystems such as wetlands. We believe there are several degraded ecosystems, which require restoration and some of these are ecosystems neglected by conservation. These include wetlands, mud-flats, and grassland ecosystems to name just a few. These ecosystems harbour endemic biodiversity and are also important sources of livelihood.

We propose an addition- “range of biodiverse ecosystems” to Section 3 Part C. We suggest this point should read:

“Taking into consideration that priority should be given, where possible, to avoiding or reducing ecosystem losses, to promote large-scale restoration activities of range of biodiverse ecosystems that can contribute to biodiversity conservation, climate-change adaptation and mitigation, reducing desertification, and the conservation and sustainable use of aquatic resources and other ecosystem services in the context of sustainable development.

Thank you Madam Chair.

Neha Sinha is a Board Member of Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN)


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