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The Climate Leadership Program

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The Climate Leadership Program

The Climate Leadership Program is being organized by IYCN with the goal of creating a generation of young people educated about climate change impacts and solutions. Eventually, a strong group of youth leaders would be created across India, leaders who will initiate and lead grassroots climate groups and thus mobilize people to tackle with the problem of climate change.

The Climate Leadership Program is a one-year program consisting of three sections:

  • Climate Messenger Training
  • Delivering Presentations
  • Implementing a project

The first phase of the program kick started in New Delhi. The Climate Messenger Training, aimed at training young people to deliver presentations and workshops about climate change, was held as a two day event on the 12th and 13th of July at the School of , Delhi University. As a part of the training program, the participants were given a Indian Climate Presentation, which dealt in detail about the climate change from a Indian perspective. In addition to this, a session on developing leadership skills was also presented. A case study in Engaging Rural Communities was also held, which gave the participants an insight into how to deal with rural communities who are the most affected by the climate change in almost every aspect of their life from social to economical.

The second phase of the program i.e. Delivering Presentations, is to be completed within the next 6 months. Every participant is required to give at least 4 presentation on climate change to different audiences. They will be supported by IYCN as required and will be extended all possible resources to help them deliver the presentation.

The third phase of the program involves the participants initiating their own projects. The project may be anything ranging from starting a own climate group to participating in the initiatives of IYCN or even a separate climate initiative.

Highlights of the program:

  • Commitment on the part of the participants to the presentations and the project
  • Documenting and reporting the progress regularly to the respective coordinators
  • Write a case study at the end of the project, which would be published online and the IYCN booklet
  • Creation of a climate group in Kashmir, Benares, Chennai, Coimbatore, Rewari and Delhi
  • Identifying schools and college in the city of New Delhi and taking the message of climate change and get them involved.
  • Tree plantation drive, Yamuna tour, Rural Energy Project.

P.S. People interested in taking part in the above mentioned projects may please contact info@whatswiththeclimate.org or contact me at reachsuren@gmail.com for more information.


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