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India’s Climate Change Action Plan Summary


This entry was originally made on Orange Hues blog on 1 July 2008.


The Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has just unveiled the long-awaited National Action Plan on Climate Change. I’ve split the first 5 sections from the long document that summarise the policy and put it up on my server. You can download it here [10 pages, 2 MB].

The five sections contain: Overview, Principles, Approach, Way Forward: Eight National Missions and Implementation of Missions: Institutional Arrangements.

The complete policy including section #6: Technical Document, which is over 40 page long, is available on PMO website (a large 16 MB PDF with 52 pages).

I haven’t studied it yet but my first impression is that although the initiatives listed are welcome, but…

  • without any firm commitment towards a target of emission reductions,
  • without setting up any time-frame to achieve those reductions and
  • without a commitment to phase out new energy generation from fossil fuels and their subsidies…

it is unlikely to make a significant short term or long-term impact into India’s fast growing carbon emissions.

A longer, more detailed analysis including an official response from my organisation (CSM) will follow in coming days.

UPDATE 3-Jul: ‘Climate Challenge India’ coalition formed by CSM just released an interim assessment (PDF). I had the privilege to be one of the contributors to this report.


Author: Manu Sharma


2 thoughts on “India’s Climate Change Action Plan Summary

  1. thanks for starting this blog. more public involvment and debate on India’s response to climate change is much needed.

  2. You ought to thank IYCN for that, Suvrat. And I completely agree about greater public engagement on this issue. Both IYCN and CSM are working very hard to ensure this.

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